Why We Do What We Do

In 2012, a close family member encountered black mold in his house that forever changed his life.  His family experienced personal health issues for five years as a result of mold. During this time, he investigated and worked with doctors, insurance companies, banks, and laboratories due to the mold, mold exposure, and mycotoxins. As a result of this research, he's become very knowledgeable about mold and the process of removing it. He has taken this personal experience to help others who have also encountered similar issues. And that mission has become the inspiration for our company – to help people overcome their challenges with mold and return their homes and workplaces to healthy environments.

Having learned first hand what works and what does not is invaluable to those seeking information and assistance. Unfortunately, there is a lot of inaccurate and incorrect information concerning mold and how to properly handle it. In some instances, improper assessment and treatment can exasperate the situation. More so, the reality is that people actually do become ill because of mold and they need real help.  MycoSolutions is here to help. We are experts at removing mold and mycotoxins using all natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic products.  

If you are facing issues with mold or the mycotoxins they can produce, you are not alone in your fight. Please contact us, we are here to help.