What Sets Us Apart

Effective. Eco-friendly. Empathetic.

Our method is proven. The bio-enzyme solution we use is not only safe, it's effective. The enzyme formulation we use effectively "digests" and breaks down mold and mold spores, leaving behind no potentially harmful residues or gases that result from the chemicals or biocides typically used in remediation. MycoSolutions also uses a proprietary method for the guaranteed, effective removal of mycotoxins for a full environmental cleaning.

We don't use toxins, we remove them. The enzymatic solutions we use are safe for people, pets, plants, carpet, clothing, furniture, and electronics. This means no one and nothing is at greater risk in the quest to destroy the mold and toxins that have done their damage. 

We use organic, non-toxic formulas to safely treat your home or business. 

We guarantee our results. We will conduct a post-remediation verification test using an independent lab to verify the mold and mycotoxins are gone. We have a 100% success rate, but if tests ever came back showing mold or mycotoxins present, we would come back and remediate again at no cost to you.

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STEP 1: test and remedy

The first step is knowing you have a problem. Testing and inspection of your premises will help identify the what, where, and how of any potential mold and mycotoxin problems. We use independent laboratories to review any samples taken and give us results. While we do offer inspection services, we recommend a third party for this. If mold is found and the source of the moisture issue is identified (the reason the mold is growing), the moisture issue needs to be remedied. Examples might be modifying ventilation, sealing foundation or installing vapor barrier. You don't want to eliminate the mold just to have it grow right back.


STEP 2: treat

The next step is to remediate the property. The MycoSolutions team will come to your residence, and using a process individually designed for best results, completely bio-remediate and remove the mold and mycotoxins that can cause you harm.

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STEP 3: test AGAIN

The final step is to test again using an independent laboratory and the same tests conducted prior to remediation to ensure and guarantee the mold and mycotoxins have been removed.

Our results speak for themselves. Four to six weeks after remediation, MycoSolutions conducts a post-remediation test using an independent lab to verify the removal of mold and mycotoxins. To date, 100 percent of our clients were mold and mycotoxin free after remediation. We treat our clients and their homes/businesses with the same respect we would our own home or business.