Frequently Asked Questions

Can't I just buy and perform my own mold test?

While you can order and perform your own mycotoxin test for your home, it's best to have mold and/or mycotoxin testing performed for you by a qualified mold professional. Hiring a professional mold tester who is experienced at collecting and analyzing mold samples will always lead to the most accurate results.

Do you provide a guarantee of your services?

MycoSolutions provides a guarantee that we will eliminate the mold and/or mycotoxins from your home. To date, we have eliminated 100% of the mold and mycotoxins in the buildings we've treated. However, if results came back positive, we would return to your home and remediate again free of charge.

Typical mold remediation involves physically removing much of the affected material, then using harsh and potentially harmful chemicals and biocides to "disinfect" and kill the remaining mold and mold spores. This often leaves behind dead mold, which can be just as dangerous as live mold, it just won't grow back. Mold bio-remediation involves using enzymes to "digest" and degrade the mold so that it isn't present anymore. Rarely is it necessary to remove affected material, making the process quicker, cleaner, and less expensive.